Spoil yourselves this Christmas and love each other


Does love know any boundaries? I guess not! Love knows no boundaries and no limits, and the best part: It has its fleshy and adult aspects as well. Of course we grew up reading fairy tales but only to at least grasp sense of being human. I love my babe Molly and there is no way I am letting her go. I am thankful she loves me as well and she doesn’t want to let go of me too. Adult Shop Voucher Code from SuperSaverMama is one of the best things happening around during spring as summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a host of national holidays as well.

I’ve known Molly since University and thankfully she is the one that instilled confidence in me. I am handsome but I’ve often been regarded as a bum and a single dude that can’t land one. Thankfully, Molly is brave & fearless which amounts for the job she has at one of the advertising firms in Perth. I work at a leading petrochemical facility which lies in between Perth and Fremantle. We both have our share of overseas trips.

I first surprised her with a scented vibrator which she needed not just for some ‘Me time’ but also when she feels lonely. She is loyal, funny, caring and loving which amounts for the fact that she had signed up for discounts from Adult Shop thereby gifting me stuff to satisfy my hidden cravings. I’ve done the same for her multiple times without hesitation.

Yes, we both have a literally stinging hot kinky sense and kinkiness in our lives loaded with sensuality. Coming back after a hard day’s work can be tiring and Molly gets tired too. But, she spares no minute: She would dress up in her favourite Crotch less panty, a bit of subtle perfume, some perspiration and a craving for a rock n roll evening. I love it when she spoils me.

Molly massages me with the best of sexual essentials from the adult shop and boy does she drive me to the max. I sometimes get a little pissed and lost because being a HR manager at a large petrochemical firm can drive me batty. I am going to make the switch and that too at a nice digital firm (where my Molly currently works).

I gave Molly a massage too and that being last night. With the screaming orgasm of the century she just had, she had a relaxing sleep and does she feel good or what? She slept like a princess in slumber and I deliberately did not wake her up so she can continue sleeping soundly and wake up fresh and energised.

Well Folks, I better go now. Yes, it’s Molly and she’s awake so it’s time to boogie. Until then, we both wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a great summer up ahead.



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